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I provide comprehensive psychological assessments for adolescents and adults such as:

  • Personality assessment
  • Values
  • Aptitudes
  • Vocational Interests
  • School subjects


Please note that the administration, scoring, and interpretation of psychometric tests takes a number of hours and it may include a written report or a short verbal report, depending on your needs and the battery of tests used.

Some clients may want a full battery of tests to help them determine which school subject to choose in GR 10 while others rely their decision on only one aptitude test.

Please see the list below of various psychometric tests I offer.

  • Initial session – a 50 minutes session
  • A short vocational and personality testing with verbal feedback (2 hours)
  • Personality and interests testing for vocational purposes and short written report (3hours)
  • Aptitude testing – 5 hours plus written report (tests intellectual and scholastic skills)
  • Career total – 7 hours of testing discussion and feedback plus written report
  • One follow up session for further career discussion after the testing session


Please email me at psychservinfo@gmail.com for a full list of test prices.