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The career page offers information about the interventions I can provide depending on your career needs. Career management is a general term that refers to the process of conscious career decision-making, knowledge management, continuous skills development and self-presentation in order to maintain a strong competitive edge in today’s world of work.

Making career choices

At some time in your life, no matter what your age and/or social status, you will have to make some decisions regarding employment.

You may realise that having only a high school certificate these days is not enough to grant you an entry level position in any company. Most entry level positions will require of you some post-high school qualification like a vocational certificate, a diploma or even a degree.

Making qualification choices such as what to study and where, for how long, and financial estimations are real concerns as they can have serious consequences for you and your family.

Wrong qualification choices can result in an increasing financial debt and a burden on the whole family. Imagine you have spent nearly two years on a degree or diploma and just realised you will never make it because you have lost all the motivation on account of a wrong career choice.

I have seen law students changing into management degrees in their final year, science graduates working in a low paid office administration, nursing students who would rather be in the performing arts, etc. What they all had in common is the fact that they all felt miserable about their present career choices.

And is not just about the money, but the time wasted and the intellectual potential that was not given a chance to engage in the type of work that came natural to each individual. You have a responsibility to yourself to follow your passion and your talent. However your talent and passion cannot make up for a poor strategy. When it comes to career choices you need to plan, manage and control, adjust where necessary and review your career choices all over again!

A good career guidance will consider the following:

  • Your present career development status
  • Your academic competence like school grades, reading and writing competence (very important in academia)
  • Your aptitudes
  • Your career interests and existing skills
  • Your values
  • Your life style
  • Your personality
  • Your present context (socio-economic and/or cultural factors)
  • Your personal history (aspects that can have a direct impact on career decision-making like trauma/losses)
  • Why now?
  • Your ability to change

Knowledge management

Knowledge management deals with the psychology of learning. In a session we look at answering questions such as:

  • How do you learn?
  • What is academic anxiety?
  • How can I prepare for exam?
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with procrastination


It is never too late to review you employability skills. Check and update your existing self-presentation skills to potential employers and how do you adapt existing skills to changes in the industry.

  • Self-presentation
  • Networking
  • Interviewing skills
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Skills development: Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship